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The BSS 2000 Cannabis Analyzer

Here is how the Cannabis Industry can use the BSS 2000 Cannabis Analyzer

  •  Extractors – Measure oil potency yourself for increased quality and better process control.

  •  Growers – Measure bud potency to choose the best harvest time and optimize growing conditions.

  •  Dispensaries – Know exactly what you are buying, analyze at point of sale for your customers, and track shelf life. Extracts lose potency quickly, see Application Notes.

  •  Buyers/Brokers – Analyze onsite to set the right purchase price.

Please Note: The software packages are the only difference between the BSS 3000 and BSS 2000. The hardware design remains the same between the two models.
BSS 3000 Portable Hemp Analyzer


Big Sur Scientific is a team of scientific and engineering professionals dedicated to the following ideals.

  1. Cannabis is medicine, it should be analyzed like medicine.

  2. To ensure long term national acceptance of legalized cannabis use, the industry needs to be put on a sound scientific footing.

  3. That means cradle-to-end user testing is required of cannabis products, in the same vein as pharmaceuticals.

  4. We will provide the industry with the products it needs to pursue these goals.

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