Brad Bish


Bradley Bish joined his father Harv’s business is 1983, 7 years after it was started.  At the time, Bish Enterprises was known as “Harv’s Farm Supply”.   Since then, he has worked tirelessly to provide new and custom solutions to farmers around the globe.  Over the years, Brad has been involved in a number of novel and record setting builds.  As early as 1991, Brad built the first ever 16 row 20” corn head.  Less than 5 years later, he had a hand in building what was at the time, the largest Case International Header on the market, at 16 row 30”.  Brad has continued to think big, creating newer and larger machinery.  In 1998 he built an incredibly versatile 16 row 30” Case International Header that was able to mount to either Case, John Deere, or Lexion combines.  This same year he also released an adapter that would attach John Deere headers to Lexion combines.  In 2002, New Holland released new line of combines, and Brad was the first in line to build a 16 row 30” row crop header for them.  These are just a handful of projects that Brad has participated in to establish the Bish name as an innovate leader in the agricultural equipment industry.  Brad continues to serve the agricultural sector to this day, and he has no plans to stop anytime soon.