High CBD Hemp & Cannabis Harvester

Powell 6031
Harvest Whole Plants to Pick the Buds!

  • This harvester is a tractor 3-point hitch mount designed to cut the stalk at near ground level, notch the stalks for hanging, orient the stalk perpendicular to the direction of travel, and postively convey it by special "gripper" chain to a wagon or trailer which is pulled alongside the harvester. The self-contained hydraulic system is powered by the PTO of the tractor carrying the harvester.



Your Best Friend at harvest time

Budd EZ

You’ve harvested your hemp, marijuana, or hops and now you need to strip the plant. Whether it’s buds for producing CBD oil, primo buds for the smoker, or hops buds for craft brewing the BUDD EZ can give you results that reduce your labor costs and increase production.

The BUDD EZ is designed to increase the efficiency of the debudding process. The stems of either freshly harvested or dried material are fed into the machine. The holes in the plate are sized to only allow the stems to pass through. Rollers pull the stems through the plate and the leaves and buds are cleanly stripped off and fall into a collection bin. The stems are also collected in a bin on the other side of the machine. The catch drawer receives all the shake, SO NOTHING GOES TO WASTE.

TRIUM, total control transplanter
One of the models that has contributed the most to the international recognition of the company is this top of the range one, able to combine great performance and extreme precision in planting seedlings in the best possible way.
Each single function is individually adjustable, making the TRIUM particularly suitable for large working widths, for multi-row machines and/or for non-level terrain.
Created for transplanting seedlings with particularly thick foliage such as tobacco, it then became a wildcard, suitable for the most varied cultivation needs (tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, fennel etc…).
The 10-cup distributor with continuous rotation (12 cups on request) ensures great comfort for the worker and an indicative production up to 7000 plants/day per row.

Checchi & Magli Trium.jpg

Checchi & Magli Unitrium.jpg

UNITRIUM, a perfect mix between price, performance and ease of use
This model is very similar to the TRIUM but without a parallelogram and with independent driving wheel for each transplantation unit.
It is ideal where high performance but great ease in use are sought, as where old machines need to be upgraded with independent traction units, maintaining even the framework of the support wheels.
The 10-cup distributor and 12 on request, places the UNITRIUM at the top for performance but also at an extremely attractive price.