Double Cutting Combine

Harvest BOTH Hemp Seeds and Hemp Stalk!

  • For Hemp Seed and Hemp Fiber Production

  • This system combines the action of the forage header cutting system and the use of a combine harvester to allow for the harvest the seeds and stalk in one pass

  • This machine is based on a John Deere W660 combine harvester, in which the cutting device with forage chopper Feederhouse is mounted under the intake house

  • The upper 15 to 20 inches of the plant is cut off by a grain header or SuperCrop header which is mounted on the intake house using a mast. Since the height of the upper head is adjustable, it cuts the crop at the perfect height. In contrast to other systems, the flow of the crop through the harvester is limited to the uppermost part of the plant, so the optimal seed quality is obtained

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