Data drives decisions. Make sure it’s right. 

Data collected from your farm is crucial for making better decisions. Farmer’s Edge makes data collection easy by installing weather stations and telematics devices on your farm and integrating multiple data sources into one platform.

  • Daily Satellite Imagery

  • On-Farm Weather Stations

  • Soil Moisture Probes

  • CanPlugs

  • Soil Sampling

  • Nutrient Management

  • Variable Rate Technology

  • FarmCommand App

  • Agronomy Support

  • Tech Support

Potential Services Include:

Everything at a glance

The Dashboard integrates key features of FarmCommand to provide a quick snapshot of what’s happening on your farm.

Customize your dashboard tiles

View your notifications

Set your favorite weather stations

See current, forecasted and historical weather


Agronomic Roots, Tomorrow’s Technology

Our story began in 2005 with the vision of two agronomists, Wade Barnes and Curtis MacKinnon. Today, Farmers Edge is known as the world’s most respected leader in decision agriculture delivering unprecedented value to stakeholders across the entire agricultural ecosystem. Unlike other companies that rely on existing public data, Farmers Edge provides growers and agricultural professionals not only with high-quality, accurate data, but also with field-level analysis, predictive modeling, and a world-class team of farm data scientists in established and emerging growing regions.