FiberTrack 660

The FiberTrack 660 Small 6 roller portable unit capable of decorticating 1 to 2 tons of material per hour. Material feed and removal of product is done by hand. 


The Grasshopper is designed to collect additional material that would be lost during harvest using a combine.




Formation Ag’s FiberTrack decorticators are in continuous development. Each model is built with our newest design features, and customized to each crop’s needs. Interchangeable rollers and breakers are individually driven and have individually selected tooth profiles.

Our decorticator capacity exceeds 1 ton/hour, can handle un-oriented material and whole bales. Built with your budget in mind, the FiberTrack line comes with options for customizing your decorticator to your specific needs.


About Formation Ag

Formation Ag engineers and fabricates equipment solutions for harvesting and processing custom and upcoming crops. We work with our farmers to develop cost-effective and cutting-edge technology to make crops such as hemp possible at an industrial scale. Plant, Grow, Harvest, and Process more with equipment from Formation Ag!