Engineering the Future of Hemp

Engineered mechanized solutions for the industrial hemp industry are here. Our machinery increases production, increases efficiency, and helps make hemp a viable and economical crop for the US. We are dedicated to helping meet the needs of the hemp industry by building customized solutions for farming, harvesting and processing this amazing plant.

Formation Ag engineers and fabricates equipment solutions for harvesting and processing custom and upcoming crops. We work with our farmers to develop cost-effective and cutting-edge technology to make crops such as hemp possible at an industrial scale. Plant, Grow, Harvest, and Process more with equipment from Formation Ag!


Formation Ag’s FiberTrack decorticators are in continuous development. Each model is built with our newest design features, and customized to each crop’s needs. Interchangeable rollers and breakers are individually driven and have individually selected tooth profiles.

Our decorticator capacity exceeds 1 ton/hour, can handle un-oriented material and whole bales. Built with your budget in mind, the FiberTrack line comes with options for customizing your decorticator to your specific needs.

Dechort Compare.PNG

FiberTrack 660

The FiberTrack 660 Small 6 roller portable unit capable of decorticating 1 to 2 tons of material per hour. Material feed and removal of product is done by hand. 

Standard width is 60 inches to allow two workers to feed material simultaneously. Custom widths are available if wider or narrower machines are desired.

The 660 is designed for straight feed stalks but is capable of handling un-oriented fiber. 

Rollers are easy to access for removing jams and for cleaning rollers using the included jack system. Roller set separate for easy access inside the rollers. Additional guards can be removed without tools for access to gears, chains, and drives.

Actual processing speed is dependent on material, genetics, and organization of the operational area organization.

FiberTrack Genesis

The FiberTrack Genesis is the largest portable unit capable of decorticating around 5 tons of material per hour. Material feed and removal of product is automatic through a bale accumulator. 

The Genesis is designed for un-oriented, baled material. The accumulator can hold up to eight, four by four square bales or ten round bales at an O.D. of 65″. The unit unravels the bales and feeds it through the decorticator.

This unit is still in the R&D testing process but can be used for many decortication projects as is depending on material requirements and needs. For information on this unit’s current capabilities and specifications, please contact us using the form below.

Actual processing speed is dependent on material, genetics, and organization of the operational area organization.



The Grasshopper is designed to collect additional material that would be lost during harvest using a combine.

Specifically designed for hemp, the Grasshopper collects additional leaf and plant material that can be used for animal feed in addition to grain. It can also be used with other crops for additional animal feed collection, weed control, or removal of additional plant material from the field.

A large capacity reduces the frequency of unloading, and over-sized belts prevent wrapping of fibrous material. The live bottom floor prevents piling up of material in a single location and provides access to the cart’s full capacity when loading.

Unloading the cart can be done directly into a truck waiting field-side, or onto the ground in a central location for later transport, drying, or destruction.