Hempsac is for farmers

Everyone with experience in growing and processing hemp knows that once the hemp is harvested and dried, through normal storage, its CBD values drop. Assume your harvested hemp has a CBD value of the industry standard 16%. Everyday conditions of ultraviolet light, moisture, and static electricity will drop that value to 12% (on average) by the time it is sold. This 4% drop caused by the factors above would cost a typical 50 acre farm $800,000 per year. Retain CBD values and protect your investment

Preserve your quality, increase your profits.

Keep CBD in and the rodents out.

Hempsac gives you the additional benefits of:

  • Providing a strong odor barrier

  • An ideal storage and transportation solution.

The strong composite barrier is not only rodent resistant, but the bags are easily stored and transported. Leading processors are specifying that all hemp product they purchase MUST be delivered in Hempsacs.

We're setting the standard

Hempsac is specifically engineered to protect your hemp in the following categories:

  • UV protection

  • moisture barrier

  • static electricity protection


About Hempsac

Garett Fortune

Knowledge, leadership, innovation, trendsetter. These are just a few words that describe Garett Fortune as one of the founding fathers in the odor barrier arena and technology of producing a bag that fits many needs across multiple verticals. Along the way, Garett combined lessons learned in the industry and worked with the opportunities that presented challenges to those with odor problems. Not only did he patent a technology that protected your senses from malodorous odors, but this technology has been in use for almost a decade. Providing a solution for those that seek to contain that odor without just “masking” it.

Odor Yes? Odor No!

Garett’s visionary ideas has lead him through multiple companies where his product has made a difference in the home and elsewhere. His first company, OdorNo, was his starting point. These bags were used for everything from baby, pets and adults to kitchen waste and beyond. From that company, a new need soon cropped up in the cannabis industry. The odor eliminating, UV protection, moisture barrier bags were used for storing and transporting cannabis, thus FunkSac was created.

Garett became well-known and recognized in the cannabis industry as an expert in both production and storage. He listened to what the cultivators and processors biggest concerns were and knew he had a solution for them too! Today, FunkSac products are used for the storage of marijuana and also used in the cultivation and storage of the flower. As an extra benefit from using the FunkSac, it has been seen to help prevent the THC levels from degrading over time, along with maintaining the quality of the flower.

From FunkSac to hempsac

As hemp emerged as an important crop, Garett was in a position to solve a problem for the hemp growers, which they were not even aware existed. However, the harvesting and storage of hemp lacked standardization. After the two week drying process of hemp, cultivated crops were left in cardboard boxes, super sacks or just simply left in the field, allowing molding or rotting to occur, exposure to UV light to happen, static electricity damage, rodents and animals munching on the flowers and destroying the harvest.

A new product line emerged, called Hempsac. Once again, the odor barrier technology and properties of the original bags was there to protect the harvest. Hempsac bags have the means to protect your harvest by using its patent pending technology, prevent harmful UV rays, eliminate anti-static to prevent contents from clinging, provide strong moisture and humidity barrier, allow no leaching or plastic smell and to help keep out rodents.

Continuing the journey

Garett Fortune is a recognized expert in both the production and storage of flowers, that he was recently asked to write the National Standards for harvesting and storage of hemp. After years of study in the field, let his expertise and knowledge help you to cultivate and process a better flower, producing a better return on your investment.

With a love for his country as a military veteran, and a passion for made in America products, Garett created a timeless and exceptional product that has continued to provide solutions again and again.