Jumbo Hempsac

Jumbo Hempsac

 Hempsac is for farmers

Everyone with experience in growing and processing hemp knows that once the hemp is harvested and dried, through normal storage, its CBD values drop. Assume your harvested hemp has a CBD value of the industry standard 16%. Everyday conditions of ultraviolet light, moisture, and static electricity will drop that value to 12% (on average) by the time it is sold. This 4% drop caused by the factors above would cost a typical 50 acre farm $800,000 per year. Retain CBD values and protect your investment

Preserve your quality, increase your profits.

Keep CBD in and the rodents out.

Hempsac gives you the additional benefits of:

  • Providing a strong odor barrier

  • An ideal storage and transportation solution.

The strong composite barrier is not only rodent resistant, but the bags are easily stored and transported. Leading processors are specifying that all hemp product they purchase MUST be delivered in Hempsacs.

We're setting the standard

Hempsac is specifically engineered to protect your hemp in the following categories:

  • UV protection

  • moisture barrier

  • static electricity protection