Knotter Technology

Single and Double Knotters

Rasspe single knotters are used in balers to collect hay and straw, which generate low bale volume weights. They differ in terms of drill hole diameter that runs through the binding shaft of the baler as well as the length and execution of the hub.

Rasspe double knotters are used for high-performance, high-density square balers for the collection of hay, straw, and silage. They work with upper and lower twine strands, which are led to the knotter by the needle for binding.

Single Knotters

The HDC single knotter, which can also be used for high-density square balers with four to six knotters is an exception. The twine is held by the single knotter during the baling process.

Loop Knotter

  • High knot strength

  • For small balers

  • Optimized construction material for high bale performance

RS 3770

  • Knotter for very small balers

  • Hay and straw collection

  • Undivided hub

RS 6003

  • High-performance single knotter

  • For balers with 2-3 twines

  • Divided and reinforced hub, resulting in easy maintenance

  • Hub diameter from 28 to 35 mm

RS 6100

  • Suitable for high-density square balers

  • Hay and straw collection

  • 4-6 knotter units per drive shaft

  • Divided hub for simple maintenance

  • Hub diameter up to 40 mm ⌀

Double Knotters

The HDC compact knotter is a true innovation with its extremely narrow width. This enables more knotters to be mounted on the same functional width of the knotter shaft than before and bale density to be increased.

The advantage: the twines run load-free during the pressing process.

RS 6131

  • Suitable for high-density square balers

  • For highest loads

  • Hay, straw and silage collection

  • 4-6 knotter units per drive shaft

  • Hub diameter for shafts up to 55 mm ⌀

Compact Knotter

  • New compact design

  • Twine distance has reduced to 130 mm

  • It is therefore now possible to further increase bale weight while retaining the same bale size

Knotter Spare Parts

Knotter parts are chromatized or galvanized for longer service life.

All spare parts are produced in-house and in line with the very highest quality standards.