Mabre Cannabis Dryer

Drying Kilns for Cannabis and Hemp

With having combined decades of experienced years drying and curing tobacco, ginseng, and herbs, compressed baled hay, wood - wood products and grain drying solutions,

Mabre kilns have been re-designed specifically to dry “world- class” cannabis and hemp flower.  

   Handling and drying large amounts of product can be an over- bearing task if the proper drying facility is not in place.  Mabre kilns will save labour and drying cost with reduced energy consumption.

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  Mabre kilns have full galvanized aeration flooring with Mabre’s “dynamic pressure flow adjustment” which is priority importance for a consistently dried and cured crop.

   Mabre offers “mobile” kilns that are HVAC equipped on a flat deck with generator, as well as the standard stationary unit.  

    We will totally customized a kiln to suit your harvest and handling practices.

Odor Blocker

Odor is a big deal in some jurisdictions and with the amount of volume biomass in the kiln, it can emit a strong odor for some folks. Nuisance odor calls to municipalities can results in hefty fines or worse. Mabre is pleased to use Cannabusters- odor stopper which is the most economical and efficient product on the market for high volume odors. Cannabusters oxidizes odor totally and does not mask like most products on the market.

cannabuster brohure copy cropped.png