Knife Drive Technology

Pro-Drive Planetary Knife Drives

The problem most knife drives have is the loss of stroke length and force. This is addressed with the SCH Pro-Drive. Designed as a planetary drive, we don’t need drive arms and reversing levers. At the same time the mounting of the drive guarantees all lateral forces are transferred directly to the knife assembly.

The Pro-Drive is grease lubricated, not oil bathed. This makes for minimal maintenance and is environmentally friendly. Pro-Drives are available in a horizontal or vertical power input version. This allows for a maximum of input power variations.

To retrofit your current platform with a Pro-Drive, we recommend having our customer service team assist you with this. They are also available to advise you on all matters regarding our cutting system.

The Pro-Drive advantages…

  • Absolute linear output movement

  • High output forces using lower torque

  • Minimal maintenance, environmentally friendly using grease instead of oil

Knife Drive Technology Subsection 3

Pro-Drive Module V

Pro-Drive vertical version works with an integrated 90° angular gearbox, with the drive force transferring from the vertical to the horizontal direction. The connection to the combine harvester is performed via v-belt or drive shaft.

The Pro-Drive vertical drive maintains an 84.6 mm stroke and is used for all conventional cutting systems.

Accessories Pulley

Pro-Drive vertical versions are equipped with pulley, which includes:

  • Diameter of 180 – 240 mm

  • Variants for various v-belt profiles

  • Flange mount

Knife Drive Technology Subsection 2

Pro-Drive Module H

Pro-Drive horizontal drives are very robust and stable and are excellent for the various kinds of harvesting conditions and drive types. The Pro-Drive horizontal drive maintains an 84.6 mm stroke.

Accessories Pulley

Pro-Drive horizontal versions are equipped with a drive pulley subpart, a drive pulley upper part, and distance disks in which the input speed can be adapted.


  • Adapters can be used to adjust the horizontal drive versions to other drive types

  • Adaption to hydraulic drives is very common, e.g. combine draper heads and swathers (see Module H RS 01)

  • Interior diameter 25, 25.4, 31.75 and 32 mm

Knife Drive Technology Subsection 1

Ancillary ComponenTS

Head Connector Bearing

Standard connection with plastic ring:

  • For moderate harvest conditions and cutting widths up to 25 ft

  • Maintenance-free and greasable versions

  • 17 and 27 mm head bearings

High-Performance connection:

  • New head bearings are constructively connected with a steel clamping ring or steel pot

  • Perfect, radial application of force in the center of the head bearing

  • Improved heat dissipation

  • Improved self-calibration during installation facilitates assembly

  • Only greasable versions


  • Head bearing with steel clamping ring

  • Head bearing with steel pot

With its full casing, the steel pot offers even more safety and increases its dirt-repellent functionality.


Welded structural design:

  • Several versions for the optimal integration of drive systems with the cutting system

  • Flexible manufacturing, also small series


  • With plastic ring

  • With cylindrical drill holes to use in combination with steel clamping ring or steel pot

  • Customer specific solutions

Cast construction:

  • Homogenous transition from knifehead to cutting system

  • For large platforms


  • With plastic ring

  • With cylindrical drill holes to use in combination with steel clamping ring or steel pot

  • Customer specific solutions

Special Use Cutting Systems

Attachment system:

  • Mowing of banks, maintenance of hedges and trees, also in pomiculture

  • For branches up to 1.2 inches in diameter

  • Customized guards and ball tips

  • In connection with a hydraulic motor

  • Knife Drive can be freely set

  • Working widths 3.9 ft, 4.9 ft, and 5.9 ft; up to 9.8 ft on request.