Schumacher Croplifters

  • Made of high quality spring steel

  • Available to fit most North American guards

  • Used in all small grain crops, canola & milo

  • New generation lifters offer less wear on bottom runners (ASK)

  • Simple on and off mounting

ASK Croplifter

ASK series

Schumacher’s ASK croplifter is the world’s leading standard croplifter.
Schumacher stands for 45 years of experience and presence on five continents.
Original Schumacher products are used every day throughout the world.

Why Schumacher croplifters last longer:

  1. Because the gently curved bottom runner takes the pressure off the riveting at the mounting module. The first rivet of the mounting module sits on the curved part of the skid so it has less ground friction and lasts longer.

  2. The concave sliding skid improves sliding dynamics. Wear shows at first only in the middle part. The croplifter lasts longer.

  3. SCH stamping stands for high quality material used by Schumacher manufacturing to ensure long wear life of the sliding skid.

  4. slimProfile – the closed finger profile prevents the reel tines from getting caught while reversing.


  • Various attachment dimensions for a precise fit

SK Croplifters

SK series

Particularly stable croplifter.
In addition to the sliding skids, these croplifters are equipped with a spring skid.


  • Variant with steel tip –S– for harvesting peas or other grounded crops

UK Croplifter

UK series

Particularly stable croplifter.
The sliding and spring skids are additionally reinforced with a connection brace.


  • Variant with steel tip –S– for harvesting peas or other grounded crops

CM Croplifter

CM series

  • With slimProfile

  • Attachment without quick fastener

  • Polished croplifter tips


  • Regular cut

  • Low cut