Model 2250 Series II Plastic Mulch Layer

2250 1.jpg


  • Automatic steering correction (Ro-Trak) for hill sides

  • Single or double drip attachment

  • Crowned bed press for level field

  • Center fillers, to help fill center of bed

  • 400 lb. ground driven dry fertilizer hopper

  • Fumigation tank mounts with gas knives

Standard Features

  • 60” row centers with 4’ plastic, 60 HP FWD minimum
    Category II, 3-point hitch

  • HMW (replaceable) poly lined bed press

  • Spring loaded shovels on side; helps loosen soil for cover disk

  • Adjustable brake tension on plastic roll carriers

  • Bed press has adjustable side press plates

  • With operator seat

  • Adjustable row markers

  • Replaceable, reversible plow share blades

  • UHMW (replaceable) poly lined bed press

  • Spring loaded shovels on side; helps loosen soil for cover disk


Model 1600 Series II Water Wheel Transplanter

1600 1.jpg

Standard Features

  • Approximate tractor size: 50 to 70 HP FWD

  • Will plant 60” row centers (minimum)

  • Field ready with one planting wheel

  • Plants bare roots, pots and plugs

  • Capability of 8” to 36” row spacing and one to four planting wheels (Standard)

  • Two 80 gallon tanks

  • Up to 25 tray carrying capacity

  • Quick change planting wheel setup

  • Easy adjustment for comfort on seat and foot rest

  • Large tires with highway bearings

  • Side valve for washing hands

  • Galvanized expanded metal trays


  • Side ladder

  • Top tray

  • Larger Rack To Fit Styrofoam Trays

  • 3rd and 4th seat with trays

  • Trailer\3-point combination

  • Quick fill (2” quick coupler connection)


3-Row Machines


  • Flex Tool bar allows each machine to flex over uneven terrain

  • New designed tool bar for narrower row centers

  • Compact tool bar with adjustable row spacing

  • Optional Manual row markers for mulch laying machines

  • Optional quick-fill, single coupler connection to fill 6 tanks at one time for 3-row planters


Plastic Mulch Film

Plastic Mulch.jpg

FilmTech has a high quality soft micro Cast Embossed film. Grower favorite for its superior stretchability and hugging to the bed. Its elastically makes it wind resistant and works well in a variety of soil types and climates. End of roll flagging tells you when to get the next roll ready.


Drip Tape

T Tape.png