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Easy Cut II

Despite all technological advances around the combine and platform, the cutting system is still the first part to touch your crop and determines your harvest success. Based on this fact, we developed a superior cutting system with state of the art technology and quality.

SCH roller guides: reduce friction, wear, and cost.

The width of combine platforms has increased substantially in the past years. Therefore, the total of the frictional forces has increased dramatically.

With the use of roller guides, we greatly improved the cutting system.

Change your cutting system to a Schumacher Cutterbar! …it’s just that easy to fill your grain tank.



Easy Cut II Guard

In the last decades, two types of double guards became dominate in the market: the forged guards and the Schumacher steel guard.

What makes the SCH Easy Cut steel guard so special? The SCH Easy Cut guard is manufactured using a special alloy steel. A subsequent special hardening process gives the guard extremely high hardness, durability, and wear life.

Another advantage is the much higher vertical and lateral strength of the guard. No guard lips break off; guards don’t bend.

The angled cutting edges of the guard hold the crop material better, resulting in a cleaner cut and a better flow of the material. This also results in less power needed to cut the material.

  • Quality spring steel material

  • Special hardening for extremely hard & wear resistant surface, resulting in long wear life

  • Features two cutting edges

  • Bolted top & bottom gives protection from impact from all sides

Easy Cut II Pro Cut Section

Stones and dirt are tough on knife sections. They not only increase section wear but can also damage other parts of the platform. Knife section quality is therefore of extreme importance.

Schumacher Pro Cut knife sections are completely thru-hardened, therefore extremely tough.

They don´t bend; they break. Therefore, when hitting large stones or other objects, damage to guards is eliminated which is not the case with regular sections.

The sections are fastened to the knifeback with a special serrated bolt and a flange nut. The conically shaped and serrated body of the bolt locks tightly in the section and knifeback hole. A tight and secure connection is the result. At the same time sections can be quickly changed.

The advantages of the SCH Pro Cut knife section:

  • Completely thru-hardened

  • Does not bend; it breaks, therefore no guard damage

  • Mounted one up/one down, creating a balanced cutting force

  • Easy to replace secure bolt and nut connection

  • Various serrations available

Easy Cut II Sectionalized Knife

Today platforms are 30 feet or wider. Knife assemblies in one piece are very difficult to handle and transport. The SCH sectionalized knife assembly eliminates this problem.

Our sectionalized knife assemblies are made up of individual sections. The longest single section is a little less than 9 feet long and can be transported in a car or shipped by courier.

A special connector bar joins the pieces fast and securely.

SCH Easy Cut sectional knife assemblies have only bolted sections. This also makes for a quick and easy replacement of individual knife sections or whole knife assembly segments. This is cost effective, and the individual parts are easy to replace.

The advantages of the sectionalized knife assembly:

  • Fast and secure connections

  • Quick and easy replacement

  • High strength connector

  • Economical and fast shipping

Easy Cut II Roller Guide

The width of combine platforms has increased substantially in the past years. Therefore, the total of the frictional forces has increased dramatically. With our roller guide system, we greatly improved the cutting system. Almost all SCH Easy Cut systems can be updated with roller guides.

Top Roller Guide

  • Holds knife straight to prevent section from tipping downwards

  • Protects sections and guards against wear

Bottom Roller Guide

  • Replaces the need for wear plates

  • Less friction, less vibration, less wear, and reduces power requirements

Standard Croplifter


Schumacher Croplifters

  • Made of high quality spring steel

  • Available to fit most North American guards

  • Used in all small grain crops, canola & milo

  • New generation lifters offer less wear on bottom runners (ASK)

  • Simple on and off mounting

ASK Croplifter

  • Schumacher’s ASK croplifter is the world’s leading standard croplifter.
    Schumacher stands for 45 years of experience and presence on five continents.
    Original Schumacher products are used every day throughout the world.

  • Why Schumacher croplifters last longer:


  • Because the gently curved bottom runner takes the pressure off the riveting at the mounting module. The first rivet of the mounting module sits on the curved part of the skid so it has less ground friction and lasts longer.

  • The concave sliding skid improves sliding dynamics. Wear shows at first only in the middle part. The croplifter lasts longer.

  • SCH stamping stands for high quality material used by Schumacher manufacturing to ensure long wear life of the sliding skid.

  • slimProfile – the closed finger profile prevents the reel tines from getting caught while reversing.

  • Types:

  • Various attachment dimensions for a precise fit

SK Croplifters

  • Particularly stable croplifter.
    In addition to the sliding skids, these croplifters are equipped with a spring skid.

  • Types:

  • Variant with steel tip –S– for harvesting peas or other grounded crops

UK Croplifter

  • Particularly stable croplifter.
    The sliding and spring skids are additionally reinforced with a connection brace.

  • Types:

  • Variant with steel tip –S– for harvesting peas or other grounded crops

CM Croplifter

  • With slimProfile

  • Attachment without quick fastener

  • Polished croplifter tips

  • Types:

  • Regular cut

  • Low cut


Pulse Croplifter

Pulse Croplifter

  • The new Schumacher Pro Flex Lifter unites simple design with durability for an easy pulse crop harvest. With a specially designed slot, the Pro Flex Lifter sits tight and can fit on all popular guards (see slide show on the left).

  • Tests have shown that the high quality material ensures extended durability, which reduces distortion of the lifter finger.

  • Additionally, the length and angle of the lifter finger is fully adjustable to allow optimal working conditions and its white-colored material enables better visibility in the crop.


Knife Drive Technology

Knife Drive Technology

  • The problem most knife drives have is the loss of stroke length and force. This is addressed with the SCH Pro-Drive. Designed as a planetary drive, we don’t need drive arms and reversing levers. At the same time the mounting of the drive guarantees all lateral forces are transferred directly to the knife assembly.

  • The Pro-Drive is grease lubricated, not oil bathed. This makes for minimal maintenance and is environmentally friendly. Pro-Drives are available in a horizontal or vertical power input version. This allows for a maximum of input power variations.

  • To retrofit your current platform with a Pro-Drive, we recommend having our customer service team assist you with this. They are also available to advise you on all matters regarding our cutting system.

  • The Pro-Drive advantages…

  • Absolute linear output movement

  • High output forces using lower torque

  • Minimal maintenance, environmentally friendly using grease instead of oil

Knife Drive Technology Subsection 3

  • Pro-Drive vertical version works with an integrated 90° angular gearbox, with the drive force transferring from the vertical to the horizontal direction. The connection to the combine harvester is performed via v-belt or drive shaft.

  • The Pro-Drive vertical drive maintains an 84.6 mm stroke and is used for all conventional cutting systems.

  • Accessories Pulley

  • Pro-Drive vertical versions are equipped with pulley, which includes:

  • Diameter of 180 – 240 mm

  • Variants for various v-belt profiles

  • Flange mount

Knife Drive Technology Subsection 3


  • Pro-Drive horizontal drives are very robust and stable and are excellent for the various kinds of harvesting conditions and drive types. The Pro-Drive horizontal drive maintains an 84.6 mm stroke.

  • Accessories Pulley

  • Pro-Drive horizontal versions are equipped with a drive pulley subpart, a drive pulley upper part, and distance disks in which the input speed can be adapted.

  • Adapter

  • Adapters can be used to adjust the horizontal drive versions to other drive types

  • Adaption to hydraulic drives is very common, e.g. combine draper heads and swathers (see Module H RS 01)

  • Interior diameter 25, 25.4, 31.75 and 32 mm

Knife Drive Technology Subsection 1

  • Head Connector Bearing

  • Standard connection with plastic ring:

  • For moderate harvest conditions and cutting widths up to 25 ft


  • Maintenance-free and greasable versions

  • 17 and 27 mm head bearings

  • High-Performance connection:

  • New head bearings are constructively connected with a steel clamping ring or steel pot

  • Perfect, radial application of force in the center of the head bearing

  • Improved heat dissipation

  • Improved self-calibration during installation facilitates assembly

  • Only greasable versions

  • Types:

  • Head bearing with steel clamping ring

  • Head bearing with steel pot

  • With its full casing, the steel pot offers even more safety and increases its dirt-repellent functionality.