Model 948

The Model 948 Mulch Transplanter has the same features as the 912 with plants spacing capabilities of 14", 17", 22", 27", 44" and 86".

Model 92

The Model 92 Deluxe Mulch Layer is the top of the line for plastic mulch layers and is the most fully adjustable and free floating layer currently on the market. A leveling pan gives very smooth and firm beds. Bed shaping shoes open furrow for the stretch wheels to hold the plastic while rear cover discs apply soil to edge of plastic. Large soil shields keep the plastic surface clean and allows for faster speeds.


  • Double roller for easy loading of plastic

  • Extra roll holder feeds new roll into machine with just a pull of a lever

  • Roller assembly allows for self starting of plastic, just set the machine down and go

  • Optional plastic cutting system cleanly cuts the plastic at the end of the rows with no need to get out of the tractor seat

  • Optional drip attachment available


Model 1000


  • Improved chain and gearing design gives 20% to 30% faster forward planting speed

  • Patented Front Float Wheel Drive System maintains correct ground contact at all times for both the drive wheel and rear packing wheels letting the units float independently for any number of rows. The wheel smoothes, firms and ideally prepares the soil providing accurate plant placement and proper depth control in all soil conditions

  • Direct Drive with 12 pocket chain gives all spacing needed-- from 6" and up

  • Adjustable axle eliminates the need for strawberry extensions

  • UHMW Rollers on all V-3 pockets allow for less friction and longer wear

Model 5500W

The Model 5500 is the most advanced planter available today. A new cam activated plant ejection system, six cup feeder, adjustable shoe and easy adjust patented ski system to eliminate the packing wheels, makes the Model 5500 the fastest and easiest-to-use transplanter on the market.


  • Movable seat and foot mount offer rows as narrow as 12".Cam activated plant ejection eliminates timing requirements and increases speeds

  • New adjustable shoe that uses one bolt to easily adjust the shoe width to make it fit most cell sizes

  • Easy ski adjustment for quick change "on the go" depth control for any cell size

  • Smaller diameter 6 cup feeder increases speed and operator efficiency and has no gaps or spaces for plants to fall between

  • Operators weight situated over the toolbar, not the planter

  • All planters are driven with our EZ17 drive system for quick change spacing


Model 33 6000

The Model 33 6000 transplants up to 3" round or square peat pots or large cells as fast as 60 plants per minute. The 12 pocket chain allows for fast and effective plant  placement and a wide variety of plant spacings.


  • Float wheel direct drive system for positive spacing and uniform depth control

  • Quick change spacing sprockets for spacing as close as 8"

  • 3" wide shoe

  • Flat trays to lay your plants on right out of the greenhouse

  • Bare root conversion available for small plugs or bare root plants

  • Complete packages available with tanks and hitches